[GIFs] Dara with Psy!

Dorkiest ever!

[PHOTO] Jay McGuiness' reply about 2ne1!!

yup, you read it right, Jay of The Wanted replied after being asked by @LP2ne1 in twitter if he is indeed a blackjack after a video of him singing IATB of 2ne1 was uploaded..^___^
ain't it cute? our girls have a new fanboy!!!:)))

[PHOTOS] 120531 DARA and 2NE1 at Silla University Busan

Dara is in Busan right now with her girls,
don't they just look adorable?
it's like I Don't Care era all over again seeing Dara's outfit!!^___^

[PHOTOS] 2NE1's Signatures At Busan International Motor Show 2012

Source: Naver
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[ARTICLE] Dara, Bom, CL & More Girl Group Members From Abroad Thrive in K-Pop

Dara, Bom, CL & More Girl Group Members From Abroad Thrive in K-PopAs K-Pop goes global at furious speed, who are the girl group members that are thriving in this fast changing industry?
The recently unveiled T-ara member Dani grew up in America since she was four years old. She’s tall and beautiful and it’s hard to imagine she’s still only a kid. Some netizens have said, “She’s probably 15 years old since she lived in America”, and they couldn’t hide their amazement at how mature Dani looks. She is the latest addition to the girl group members to come from abroad.
In the ‘National Girl Group’ Girls’ Generation there are members Jessica and Tiffany who are from abroad. It isn’t that these girls have American names for style, but these two were actually born and raised in America. Their impact on the team was deeply appreciated when Girls’ Generation officially kicked off their international promotion and the two members were able to lead series of interviews in fluent English.
In Wonder Girls there are members Yubin and Hyerim. Yubin joined the group to replace an outgoing member and she had made a strong impression with her rapping skills in English. Hyerim goes a notch further with her ability to speak Korean, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese fluently.
Group Kara has members Nicole and Han Seung Yeon who’ve lived abroad. Nicole was born in America and early on as a member of Kara she was loved by the viewers of KBS ‘Golden Bell’ for her cute Korean pronunciation. She contributed in a big way to increase the popularity of Kara in Korea.
2NE1 is another group with many members who’ve come from abroad. Out of the 4 members CL, Park Bom, and Sandara Park have lived outside of Korea. Sandara Park was famously known as ‘Boa of Philippines’ before she debuted and CL speaks English, French, and Japanese fluently. CL is always leading the interviews when the group is promoting abroad.
Lastly, f(x) has three members from abroad. Krystal and Amber were born in America and Victoria is a Chinese national. Combined, f(x) members can speak Korean, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
In a recent broadcast of KBS ‘Win Win’ Boa has mentioned how difficult it was to learn English and Japanese so she could promote internationally. As K-Pop goes global it is only natural that K-Pop groups are made of members of diverse background and having international members can become a big advantage as these groups branch out internationally.
Source: Nate via kpopfever
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[NEWS] YG Entertainment Falls Short On First Half Revenue But Is Expected To Recover This Second Half

YG Entertainment has fallen short from the expectations with their first half of the year result of their agency’s earnings. YG Entertainment has revealed their first half of the year report on the 30th of May and they have made 17.9 billion won in total sales and operating profit of 3 billion won with net profit of 3.6 billion won. Although the numbers are impressive it has fallen short compared to their numbers on the same period last year. Their earnings for the same period compared to last year fell 2.5% and 15.3% on their operating profit.
Nevertheless, YG Entertainment was able to rake more than 20 billion won for the first half which is huge but shows a huge gap in the market compared to SM Entertainment’s 38.4 billion won sales for the first half of this year. YG Entertainment seemed to have started the year a little slower but experts say the company will manage to recover for the second half.
Experts say for the second half, it will be big for YG Entertainment and they will rapidly recover. The YG Family Concert in Japan and Big Bang and 2ne1′s album sales in Japan will be reflected in the second half earnings as well as the upcoming Big Bang world tour, repacked album release and 2ne1′s comeback. Experts say that they are expecting more or less around 29.6 billion won in operating profit and 74 billion won in sales and revenue byt the second half.
Source: Nate
Written by: Blueprincess824@dkpopnews.net
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[PHOTOS] 2NE1 x Make Thumb Noise pictures!

Omo look at my girls.. They are really cool in these pictures! Can’t wait for Be Mine to be released ^_^

Click to see the other member's picture! ^_^

[GAMBAR] 2NE1 pulang dari Jeju

[GAMBAR] Dara dalam PHOTOBOOK YG Family Concert 2011 DVD Package


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